Who is AYIN Frail Care Solutions

Ayin Frail Care Solutions (pty) ltd was established January 2018. While it might seem as though Ayin is new in the caring industry, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Ayin FCS director has been involved in the South African nurse call market for over 20 years and Ayin FCS is part of the CSD and Tecmo Automation group.

Cybernetic Software Development (CSD) was establish in 1988 and
Tecmo Automation in 1983, boasting with decades of experience.

CSD has hands-on experience in the field of engineering and electronic development. Tecmo Automation on the other hand focuses on the software- hardware integration, data acquisition and finally transforming the data to usable information. Thus, the fusion between Cybernetic Software Development (CSD) and Tecmo Automation (pty) ltd is part of the reason for the successful synergy that leads to the union. Ayin FCS is part of the CSDTecmo group of companies. As a result, Ayin has access to the latest hardware and software solution technologies. The union between CSD, Tecmo and Ayin FCS will transform the way sales, services and support is done in the caring industry.

AYIN FRAIL CARE SOLUTIONS offers the following solutions:

  • Supply and installation of wired/wireless Nurse Call Systems with call, Ecall and Code Blue function

  • CCTV Systems

  • Temperature Monitoring and Reporting Systems with alarm indicators for medical fridges

  • Installation and yearly services of Fire Detection Systems and Fire Extinguisher Services

  • Track/ trace hand-held device, installed diagnostics

  • Supply and installation of TVs, TV brackets, earphones and audio extension cables

  • Hygienic Monitoring and Reporting for bathrooms and toilets

What Makes AFCS Different

With years of nurse call experience, AYIN Frail Care Solutions understands the harsh South African environment. Our products are developed with competitive prices and the latest technology. AYIN Frail Care Nurse call solution is one of the market leaders.

AYIN Frail Care Solutions Summary